The NFL is for Taking a Knee…

What The Fuck?

The NFL Anthem Controversy Continues?

I thought it was over this time but the NFL deja vu is happening all over again like a bad dream. Attention football fans same shit different Sunday for the NFL.  At my house, Saturdays are now the new Sundays which means, Sundays have now become shopping days with my wife. The only people that are happy about this are the retailers. Just watch them, signs in the windows, commercials on the TV – Special Season Saving Sundays when the NFL games are on. Well, there goes my Saturday afternoon TV marathons of Godzilla, and bad Kung Foo movies again. It’s back to college football again.

Join Project Boycott in Boycotting the NFL This Year.

For anyone that’s living under a rock, Football is game, that’s right, a fucking game. Let’s review what a game is, one team wins and the other loses. Therefore, the NFL is a fucking game. Like me, its time to tune out and turn off the NFL again and time to tune into some exciting Saturday afternoon college football! It’s going to be more exciting than ever this year, I can just feel it. You know what, I’m not going to miss the NFL, I won’t miss it one bit, not one bit. I am looking forward to the fun and excitement that comes with college football fun. Cheerleaders, the band in the stand, bad passes, fumbles, missed field goals, sacks, you know, the fun and excitement of the game. College players enjoy playing and being part of the game, and the opportunity to play for their university and the fans in the stands. College players are not a bunch of overpaid, sissy liberal crybullies like the so-called professional players are, they are the real deal.

It’s time to face reality, Sundays are long gone at this house. It’s been 3 years in a row now and still, the bullshit continues. For me, it’s gone from watching ball handling to handling my wife’s bags as we leave the store. Hey Goodell, you are nothing more than a weak, quivering, twisted tit with no guts, no spine or any sign of real leadership. You’re the leader of the spoiled brat pack, you could have nipped this in the ass a long time ago just by saying 4 words, “Stand the Fuck Up”. This man has absolutely no respect for this great country, or the military, and the boys in blue that keep this country safe and free. No respect, no respect at all you asshole.

This is what you call being brave and showing respect.
This is what you call being brave and showing respect.

FYI, here’s a page from 99.99% of companies policies nation-wide. Employees can protest while off-duty, off company property, and out of company uniforms. When company owner(s) let them do otherwise, on the premises or inside the store, then the company owner(s) are equally responsible for and condone the actions of their employee’s.

The right to protest does not extend to private venues and/or workplaces. For instance, union protests cannot happen on the company’s property. The second point is, if any picketer steps on their property, it then becomes trespassing, and the police can force them to disperse. Any company or corporation can terminate your contract or employment because of protesting while on the clock, and/or their place of business. What a concept, if they disagree with you, you have the right to fire or terminate a contract based on morality clauses that are in every employment contract. You always have the right to peacefully protest, as long as it is on your time and dime. So how about that gutless Goodell, someone’s ass got your tongue?

This is How Americans Take a Knee.
This is How Americans Take a Knee.

Americans have never kneeled for anybody who isn’t God. Real Americans Stand Proud, Stand Together and Stand Up for our national anthem.

Today when I mention the NFL at home, it means “No Fucking Longer”. Sundays are now family and friends day. So save a dime and spend some time with the wife and kids at the park, enjoy a family cookout, invite some friends over for a potluck lunch, go ahead and enjoy each others company.


Thank you, Roger Goodell and the NFL Owners and Players for bringing us all together again.

P.S. Owners and Players – Eat Shit and Die Mother Fuckers…

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