The Deranged Democrat Hysteria…

I really think we are watching the shadow government, deep state, the establishment, the left-wing media, the Democrat Party, all trying to keep this bullshit Russian collusion conspiracy theory alive. What the Fuck? Why is bullshit still going on with these Libtards?

When Rod Rosenstein went out and announced he has 12 indictments to hand down, and then admitted that no votes, not one, were changed or affected by Russian meddling so WTF is the deal? All it caused was a hysterical panic that rippled throughout the deep state, throughout the Democrat Party and the mainstream media. It was seen as, “Oh, my God. the Mueller probe doesn’t have the goods”, now what, back to the super porn star Stormy “Do Me” Daniels and her side lick that speaks for her? “LOL”, I am so excited for more Stormy, what a sweet, the girl next door, the one I would want to marry, and a sure to be virgin.

Here comes the indictments, I can’t wait, and it finds nothing! What a let down for the Libtards, worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than all the great Obama’s accomplishments like the Iran Deal, fast and furious and let’s not forget “NoObama Care”. Look, it’s time to end of the Mueller investigation and move on, time to move the country forward. If you didn’t understand what he said here it is again – Rosenstein made it plain and simple. Nothing in this indictment, nothing alleged to have occurred affected the outcome of a single vote or election. So many crybullie libtards thought that the Mueller indictment announcement was going to be the end of Trump. Wrong, it’s the opposite, more wasting of our fucking time and taxpayer money.

I think it’s a shock to the system that Mueller doesn’t have one fucking thing, because there isn’t anything speaking of the evidence of collusion, none! Fucking Clowns!!

Mueller's Special Counsel – “Special Killer Clown Counsel Douches” behind the scenes photo.
Mueller’s Special Counsel – “Special Killer Clown Counsel Douches” behind the scenes photo.


There are no crimes or collusion by President Trump, so drop it douche bag. They now have announced 12 Russian spy’s have been indicted, wow, in fact Mueller’s not even going to try these guys. They’re never going to even see the inside of a courtroom so what’s the point of all of this? Let’s recap – there isn’t anything except an indictment against Paul Manafort for a crime back from 2005. That’s the best you got?

When it comes to Russia, the Democrat Party is in bed with the Russians. They were in bed with them against Reagan. The idea that the Democrats are outraged that somebody would not treat Vladimir Putin as an enemy of America is just bullshit! It wasn’t that long ago where the Democrat’s hated the CIA, the intelligence community, loved the Soviet’s, the Cuban’s, and Chinese communists!

Now all of a sudden, Democrat’s loves the intelligence community and hates the Russians? “WTF”?! Come on you dumb fuck libtards. Get real. There really isn’t any real outrage. It’s all bullshit, made up, fake, manufactured, and over the fucking top. That’s why they appear unhinged, out of their minds, hysterical, and out for blood! It’s just a bunch of untrained actors trying to act the part, and they’re taking this shit way overboard.

So, Listen up Libtards – No Votes Changed, No Collusion, No Evidence, so once and for all, Drop it and move on you little crybaby socialist bitches!!!.

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