UGA Professor Apologizes

Professor Apologizes for Being Nice to a Republican

UGA Fuckers

A University of Georgia professor issued an apology to those he had ‘offended’ when he congratulated an old friend on becoming Georgia’s Republican candidate for governor. Charles N. Davis is the Dean of the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, recently issued an apology to those he had “offended” with a tweet congratulating his longtime childhood friend on becoming the state’s Republican candidate for governor.

That congratulatory tweet to a Republican primary election winner created so much hate and threatening tweets that the dean had to apologize for it! Davis faced an intense backlash from liberals, who accused Davis of being a “racist” blind to his own “privilege” for daring to suggest that Brian Kemp is “a nice guy.”

Shortly after his tweet, Davis was forced to delete the tweet even though he tried to explain to he was merely “acknowledging a friend.”

Liberal snowflakes bombarded him with threats and accusations to him to the point he issued an apology tweet. He apologized for sending a congratulatory note to his lifelong friend who won the Georgia gubernatorial primary.

Some of the Tweets he received was – “You’re a straight white man. Of course, he was nice and kind to you. Racists are generally nice to their own kind,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another online troll stated – “Why don’t you say what you really mean. Politics be damned. You’d never vote for a black woman and would much rather vote for the white racist.”

“It’s the definition of privilege,” another user remarked caustically. “~the dean~ has the luxury of damning politics because no politician is threatening his rights, safety, or survival; he is willing to empower those who would threaten the same of others on account of the candidate being ‘nice’ to him personally.”

In a brief statement provided by UGA’s Media Communications office Davis denied facing any backlash from colleagues or administrators to apologize for his tweet.

Soon after, Davis posted an apology to all those who had been “offended” – “I’d like to apologize to anyone offended by my tweet shout out to Brian Kemp…I’ve read and learned so much from you all and will endeavor to be more thoughtful.”

Mr Rogers at Uncensored BLog
Mr. Rogers says Fuck You Queer Liberals.

What?? Are you fucking kidding me? This was a prepared statement that came straight from the UGA administrators office. If you think I’m pissed, your wrong, I’m really fucking pissed! This is the reason why we’re losing at universities across the nation. Teachers have absolutely no guts to stand up for themselves. I still can’t believe this shit happened, I can’t wrap my head around this shit. He was being “forced” to apologize for what? Being a lifelong friend with a Republican?

After all this, what has he learned? He’s going be more thoughtful in the future, get rid of all his Republican friends or acquittances, in fact, he’s never going to talk to one again.

Give me a fucking break, give your colleagues and administrators the finger, tell the liberal snowflakes to fuck off and most of all, fuck all of the Twitter Trolls and Mob!


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