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Injuriousness, Incommensurable, Intelligentsia, Interpretative, Instrumental, Indefatigable and IrresponsibleThe Uncensored Blog delivers hard-hitting, in your face, original “Uncensored” content with blatantly biased conservative opinion, views and other shit like that.

The Uncensored Blog is proud to publish conservative opinions, news and views, plus political analysis, data journalism, citizen journalism, blogging, vlogging, podcasts, vodcasts and all the things republicans care about.

Look, we don’t care what others think, we are the right, so lefties, get used to it. We are dedicated to advancing our cause, legitimacy, relevance and purpose through underhanded, illegal, unethical means.

The Uncensored Blog is a for-profit website, we love money. The Uncensored Blog does not charge for access to our site. We are financially supported by shakedowns, bribery, blackmail, bank fraud, identity theft, email phishing, selling crap-tastic products, and selling influence on the Uncensored Blog.

We answer to no one except to our family. We believe that our non-apologetic right-wing perspective is the only perspective that really matters.

The Uncensored Blog is known to be toxic to liberals, progressives, and socialists because we exposes the lies, fake news, and bullshit of the left. Other potential side-effects for leftist include fear, aggression, tunnel-vision, depression, and desensitization.

 So, tell your friends to check us out, or they may go blind. The Uncensored Blog reaches over 3 billion readers a day worldwide, so join us, resistance is futile.

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