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An Open Letter to Congress,

When it comes to illegal immigration, it’s just my opinion, we are getting a little tired of what’s not going on in Washington. Doesn’t anybody the in Washington fucking work anymore or are we just paying you to sit around on your fat asses playing political games and chasing interns? Listen up you liberal Democrats, just so know, concentration camps are not what the “illegal parents and children” are being put in to. It’s dog cages, you idiots! I don’t remember seeing a death camp sign like Auschwitz at the kennels. You disgrace the soil you stand on for saying such a blatant, outright lie like that, have you ever watched the History Channel before and seen one on TV before. All you are trying do is to get your 15 minutes of fame or a clip for a viral video. Don’t worry about getting on TV, keep that lying go on and you’ll get what you deserve, retirement from public office. So do all a favor and shut your fucking mouth up and fix the countries problems for our citizens.

For your information, illegal children don’t live in cages on the floor, they sleep on cots and beds. They are not mistreated, and they don’t go hungry like children living in poverty here in America. OK, let’s stop the bullshit for God’s sake and try doing your job. It’s time you get off your asses and do something that benefits the American people, “citizens”, the ones who put you in office and don’t worry so much about illegals, send them home.

The Cost of Illegal Immigration to America

My Final Thoughts…

Hey you worthless douchebags, isn’t it about time you start to worry about us for a change and not illegal aliens? What a fresh idea for Congress to work on. Don’t you give a shit about the American citizens? Get off your fucking asses and stop sitting on your hands, do what matters, concentrate on the American citizens for a change. While we are on change, let’s talk about the Democratic Party’s new motto, “Today’s Illegal, Tomorrows Democrats”. Do us a favor, could you please stop handing out fucking welfare to illegals, it’s our money, not yours. If you don’t care about the American people, then do us all a favor, get the fuck out! Do us all a favor step down from office, or even better, don’t run for office next time.

Thank you in advance for understanding and cooperation in this matter.


An American Citizen

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