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Rumor has it that 3-time loser Hillary Clinton has reportedly begun taking hormone injections in preparation for a sex change operation she will have beginning this fall according to rumors now circulating. The change is being performed because Hillary now believes that her chances are “exponentially better” of winning the 2020 election if she was a man. Hillary's Sex Change“The reason I lost the election to Donald Trump is because I am not a man,” said Hillary to a rally of nearly 11 people in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on July 4th. “If I only had a penis, a big penis, like Bill but doesn’t talk, I would have a real fucking chance. Being a lying bull dike and the ambassador for birth control has done nothing for me in my downward spiraling political career, and it’s time for a big change. A big, thick, hard and long change coming.”

Hillary’s doctor, Dr. Marvin Cameltow, said that he has tried to talk Clinton out of the side effects of the operation, but with no results.

“She really wants to go through this fucking procedure. She’s an overgrown ugly as hell woman with a shit load of money so I won’t stop her,” said Dr. Cameltow. “She honestly believes that if she becomes a man – even though she’ll still be her when it comes to policies, government and crazy ass opinions – will help her to become the president. If she thinks so, even though she’s fucking crazy as a bat, the more power to her. Frankly, I think she should just cut her losses now and retire back to the cemetery, but hey – what do I know? I’m just a voter that can use her money.”

Hillary has already begun the conversion process via Spanish Equestrian hormones, hair of Gore, Sander testosterone and other unapproved FDA and animal drugs, and the surgery should take place in time for the fall lineup of reality show series. She plans to “fully expose” her/his new look over a 12 week, 26 episode specials to begin December. I wish her well but I truly think it’s another waste of the countries time since the third time wasn’t the charm and there’s participation trophy for second place again, she already has the trifecta of them on her mantel. Well, good luck in advance Berillary on you next humiliating worldwide embarrassment.


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